I grew up in East Berlin when it was still weird. When everything was shifting from how it used to be to anything that could be. Back then Berlin wasn’t a nice touristy place like it is now, but it exuded beauty and ugliness, regained freedom and new ways of expression which shaped my young mind.  

After spending their whole life in the Soviet Union, my parents were hungry for the world. To them ‘freedom’ meant going wherever you want to go. So we spent every summer of the 90ies travelling to foreign cultures or moving our home to different countries in Europe. Their fast pace and the constant changing of my surroundings taught me to keep my mind open, to always trust my guts and to question what seems evident. 

Novelty is still my fuel. I love to learn and experience new things and I tend to move on once I feel I got the knack of it, which will most likely never make me a nerd at anything but a Jacky Of All Trades. But graphic design somehow stuck with me over the years and it remains the only invariable in my life until now.

Being interested in almost everything in high school, from biology to language analysis, I strangely felt the urge to study Visual Arts, to develop vague artistic talents that hadn't got out until then. I’m glad I went with it, because graphic design and especially logo design provides a creative setting to do what I’m good at: tuning into an atmosphere or feeling in order to communicate visually on different levels.

I'm currently working as a freelance graphic designer based in Ghent / studying Moral Sciences / running a Belgian Waffle House in Mexico and building concrete structures to protect a little part of especially damaged Cambodian reef.

Master in Visual Arts
LUCA School of Arts Ghent, Belgium
University for the Creative Arts Epsom, United Kingdom

Arts and Cultural Management
University of Ghent, Belgium

(Moral Science)
University of Ghent, Belgium

I'm working freelance since 2011

For more information on my work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to send me a message.

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